• Investing in the wellbeing of the homeless & urban poor: Kak Long and Kak Su’s mission towards restoring hope, dignity, and respect

    To Pit Stop Community Café’s frequent clients, especially to street children, Joycelyn Lee and Andrea Tan are their Kak Long and Kak Su. In every sense, Pit Stop is a family unit, with family values reflected in its programs.

  • Empowering Orang Asli communities to live sustainably through the ‘new normal’

    The initiative of the Orang Asli communities in Malaysia during the early Movement Control Order (MCO) phase demonstrates their understanding of the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic. ‘Di Larang Masuk’ (No Entry Sings) signs were put up when they blockaded themselves, to prevent the virus from gaining access to their communities. Unfortunately, the MCO abruptly interrupted their access to jobs, opportunities for alternative avenues of income, food supplies, business opportunities, general healthcare and education. 

  • Keeping lifelines open: The front-liners to survivors of domestic violence and child abuse

    In the wake of Covid-19, Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) trained crisis support officers and social workers who take pride in sustained excellence helping victims of domestic violence and child abuse felt anxious, frustrated and helpless. 
  • Helping Vulnerable Communities: A Guide

    For many of us, the Movement Control Order (MCO) means that we are stuck in our houses -- working, studying, exercising, living. 

    For the most vulnerable amongst us, the MCO is one step closer to starvation:

    • Day-laborers cannot work. No work = no salary = no food
    • Those without cash savings do not have a safety net to draw from
    • The food insecure do not have stockpiles for daily meals

    Find out how you can help the most vulnerable communities in our midst.

    1. Take the #GajiSehariChallenge with us today!

      Have you heard of the #GajiSehariChallenge yet? It's an initiative by fellow Malaysian and Women’s Aid Organisation advocacy manager Yu Ren Chung - #GajiSehariChallenge has reached over 100k people in less than a week! Three easy steps are all it takes. Click below to find out more!

        Just one day’s wages can provide food on the table for a less fortunate family, or go towards helping NGOs stand in the gaps to help vulnerable communities like refugees and victims of domestic abuse.

      1. Pusat Darah Negara KKM - Call For Blood Donors!

        Did you know that donated blood can only be stored for 42 days? With the extension of the Movement Control Order, supply could be affected.

        Our blood bank, Pusat Darah Negara, is constantly in need of donors even in this trying time to make sure that the supply is maintained at an optimal level.