In Malay, KitaJagaKita means "we take care of each other."

We’re very proud that KitaJagaKita has inspired the launch of two award-winning sister projects:

Germany and Austria: 
HilfeRegister means "Help Registry" 

BharatCares means "India Cares" 


We have also spoken to groups in New York, Nepal, and Indonesia who are scoping to see if similar one-stop platforms can help support the COVID19 response in those areas.

If you would like to launch a similar platform in your community or country, please get in touch with us at, or with our German friends at HilfeRegister. Our aim is to help accelerate the process by providing support (website templates, ideation, etc) so that you can hit the ground running.

Our concept

The KitaJagaKita concept is a very replicable one across communities and countries

In the aftermath of COVID19, many civic initiatives have sprung up to support the most vulnerable. This is a good thing.

Amidst this civic mobilization, however, there is a risk that the average Malaysian is lost in the flood of information / initiatives. It is costly for users to navigate between many different initiatives to find ones that are relevant and useful – which may (1) lead to unrealized action from the average well-meaning citizen, and (2) lead to confusion for those who need help.

Our one-stop shop makes it easy for (1) the average well-meaning citizen to donate resources (time, blood, money, etc) to NGOs / initiatives, and for (2) the average person-in-need to reach out to NGOs / initiatives. 

Our aggregator achieves this objective by compiling all civic initiatives in one platform, and making it easy for users to search and filter initiatives by beneficiaries, geographies, and other relevant criteria.

For KitaJagaKita, clarity and structure help translate intention into action. 

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