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Submit an Initiative for Listing

Thank you for your interest in #kitajagakita.

When you submit a listing to us, a team member will vet through it and it may take a couple days before it appears on the site. 

Some things to consider:

  • We have 100+ initiatives listed, and money and attention can be scarce! Do search through the site to see if there is another group doing similar things that you can consolidate efforts with.
  • We prefer to link URLs that have specific calls-to-action and donation instructions, so do have that ready. E.g. mywebsite.com/donation-instructions instead of just mywebsite.com.
  • Please be as clear as possible on what your organization is (as it helps people trust you), as well as what you intend to do with the help your initiative needs.

Thanks for reading all that! If you're ready, fill in the form here.